A new dimension of ship design: Ingenieurbüro Mühlhoff (Engineering Bureau Mühlhoff) provides you with complete designs of yachts, river boats and passenger ships by using the most modern software. Innovative CAD programs as Siemens-NX, QinetiQ-GRC Paramarine and Alma act/cut open up the three dimensional representation of complex shapes and ensure most accurate calculation.
Felix Mühlhoff has been working as an independent ship building engineer for the last 17 years offering a wide variety of services at the highest level such as:

manufacturing documents
strength calculations
development of building packages
construction supervision
Among his clients are international shipyards as well as private ship owners, all having benefited from his extensive experience and knowledge.

For further information please do not hesitate and contact Felix Mühlhoff, he will be glad to extend his expert knowledge to you.